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Purée Épurée can be used as a main ingredient in your recipes or as a side dish. It can be added to omelettes, desserts or meat dishes.

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L’ensemble des purées Épurée est 100 % végétarien, et nous prenons grand soin afin que notre équipement en cuisine ne serve jamais au traitement de la viande. Épurée : purée de betteraves est le seul de nos produits qui ne contient aucune trace de produits laitiers et qui convient donc à une diète végétalienne.

Yes! Épurée is certified "d'aliments du Québec" and "préparé au Québec". We're delighted to be able to forge ties with local businesses and enjoy Quebec's exceptional products. Local commerce is our priority, as much for its positive impact on the environment as for the human connection it enables.

Épurée contains no preservatives, but can still be frozen for extended periods (up to 6 months!). The secret of its long shelf-life is the 5th range, a preparation method that resembles vacuum-packing.

The 5th range is a preparation method in which the meal is vacuum-packed and frozen. Since all air is extracted from the packaging, the vegetables have an extended shelf-life, while retaining their consistency, freshness and flavor.